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HE.NET: New POPs; Channel Partners LV Conference; Pricing Summary
Dear Hurricane Electric Channel Partners: First: over the past five weeks, Hurricane Electric has turned up the following new Points of Presence: 143: Equinix MA3, Joule House, 76 Trafford Park Road, Manchester M17 1HE, United ...
Hurricane Electric Update
Fast Turn-Up Times
I've just done a quick analysis of all Hurricane Electric orders placed through channel partners (and my team), over the past 2+ years: 31% of orders turned up in less than 10 days 56% of orders turned up in less than 20 ...
Hurricane Electric Notes from the Field
Beyond Our POPs: IP Transit over Internet Exchange Points (IXPs)
ASN/BGP customers who aren't connected to one of Hurricane Electric's 121 global Points of Presence (POPs), can purchase IP Transit service over more than 150 Internet Exchange Points (IXPs). One benefit: only one cross-connect ...
Hurricane Electric Promotion
Seven New POPs in 3 weeks
Seven new HE.NET Points of Presence (POPs) have gone live in our global network, in just three weeks. Dubai: Equinix (May 8); Zagreb: SRCE (May 5); Djibouti: Djibouti Data Center (May 2); London: Telehouse North (April 27); ...
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Colocation Specials: New Brochure
We've updated our promotional sheet for our Co-location Specials. [Summer 2017] Special #1: Full Cabinet + Gigabit for $400/month Special #2: Five-pack of Cabinets for $1,500/month ($300 each) PDF version: ...
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​Comparing Burstable and Flat-Rate Ports
Hurricane Electric's flat-rate pricing is often a much better value than a competitor's burstable pricing.Recently, a prospective customer inquired about 5Gbps-on-10GE service, which a competitor quoted at $0.60 per Mbps ...
Hurricane Electric Quick Post
Fast Turn-Up (Hurricane Electric IP Transit)
[Jan. 17, 2017] A new customer sought to turn up new IP Transit service across an IXP (internet exchange point), today. (No "rush" or special treatment was requested.)11:18: Customer provides complete order.14:42: HE processes ...
Hurricane Electric Quick Post
How can you sell against deeply-discounted burstable bandwidth?
[Jan.13, 2017] How can you sell against deeply-discounted burstable bandwidth?Background: Some vendors offer burstable bandwidth at incredibly low prices, and may also agree to low commitments aggregated across multiple ports ...
Hurricane Electric Quick Post
Some Resources about Internet Peering
Internet peering: My "go-to" resource for mostly-neutral advice about internet peering is Bill Norton's web site at and his book "The 2014 Internet Peering Playbook: Connecting to the Core of ...
Hurricane Electric Quick Post
Free Expo Pass: Channel Partners 2017 (April 10-13, Las Vegas)
Follow this link for a Free Expo Pass (or discounted conference passes) for the Channel Partners Conference and Exposition, at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, April 10-13, Las Vegas: Channel Partners Conference 2017 - Free Expo Pass, ...
Hurricane Electric Quick Post
End-of-Year at Hurricane Electric
Dear Hurricane Electric Channel Partners:First, Hurricane Electric doesn't have end-of-quarter or end-of-year specials. But if another provider offers your customer an "end of quarter" special, we might match that price -- please ...
Hurricane Electric Notes from the Field
More Price reductions in Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Singapore (and more)
[November 29, 2016] Hurricane Electric has adjusted some pricing, with one very significant change:Pricing in Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Singapore has been reduced to the same as our non-promo rates for Europe and most North American ...
Hurricane Electric Quick Post
Upcoming POPs: Reno, Montgomery, Houston, Dubai, Manchester, Geneva
[Nov. 7, 2016] We have now committed to extending our network to the following new locations:Reno, Nevada [Rollernet] Montgomery, Alabama [RSA Dexter Ave] Houston, Texas [Netrality, 1301 Fannin] Houston, Texas [Consolidated, 811 ...
Hurricane Electric Quick Post
Pricing Reduced 75% in Tokyo & Hong Kong (IP Transit, bandwidth)
[November 1, 2016] Hurricane Electric has adjusted some pricing, with one very significant change:Pricing in Tokyo and Hong Kong has been reduced to the same as our non-promo NA/EU rates:1Gbps: $390/month (3yr) [formerly ...
Hurricane Electric Quick Post
Free Peering vs. Paid Transit (an introduction)
[April 13, 2016] A prospective customer asked one of our agents,"Why can't I just connect to the internet using free peering? … I see that Hurricane Electric peers on [a particular Internet Exchange Point] and it is 'Open BGP,' ...
Hurricane Electric Quick Post
Fast Quote, Fast Turn-Up (same day, next day)
[March 10, 2016]How fast can Hurricane Electric turn up new service?Today (March 10, 2016):At 10:03, an agent requested an IP Transit quote, for an existing customer at our Fremont 2 datacenter.At 10:21, we emailed the quote.At ...
Hurricane Electric Quick Post
New POPs: Southfield (Detroit), Philadelphia, Johannesburg
[August 25, 2017] In the past few weeks, Hurricane Electric has turned up new Points of Presence (POPs) in Southfield, Michigan (metro Detroit), in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and in Johannesburg, South Africa.Our newest Network ...
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HE.NET Channel Partners Guide
[August 19, 2017]Hurricane Electric has released the first edition of its "Channel Partner Guide."Attached (on this portal) is a version that shows only the Table of Contents and end pages; for the full version, please email ...
Hurricane Electric Book
Locations: Hurricane Electric internet POPs
HE.NET Global IP Transit Points of Presence (POPs):Hurricane Electric has POPs in the following locations:Continents:Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America Countries:Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech ...
Hurricane Electric Quick Post
Differentiators: HE.NET Channel Program
[July 17, 2016] Hurricane Electric Channel Partners Program: Differentiators for Agents: Competitive Commission Rates.No Quotas, Commitments or Minimums.Rapid Lead Registration ("deal registration”) to protect ...
Hurricane Electric Article
Comparing Commission Rates: Apples & Oranges & Potatoes & Spam
[July 13, 2016] Today, a master agency complained that our commission percentages don't match the high rates offered by some other vendors. My response: Yes, our commission percentages don't look impressive when compared to other ...
Hurricane Electric Quick Post
Quick Start: Get Pricing, Register Leads, Generate Quotes & Contracts
[July 12, 2016] Quick Start for Channel Partners (Hurricane Electric internet services) Get Pricing: Email your channel manager; identify the service, location, and contract term. _Lead Registration: Email your channel manager ...
Hurricane Electric Blog Article
Price Reductions: Hurricane Electric IP Transit (network bandwidth) services
[July 10, 2016] Hurricane Electric has reduced pricing for flat-rate IP Transit services at most US & European POP Locations. (Updated June 2016).Gigabit (1Gbps-on-GigE): $330/month (5yr); $390/mo (3yr)_10Gbps-on-10GE: ...
Hurricane Electric Blog Article
HE POPs at Equinix, Digital Realty/Telx, Interxion, Cologix & more
[July 9, 2016] Hurricane Electric provides IP Transit through Points of Presence (POPs) at more than 100 data centers around the world.These include POPs at facilities operated by Equinix, Digital Realty, Telx, Interxion, ...
Hurricane Electric Blog Article
HE.NET: Enhanced Services, Enhanced Commissions
[July 6, 2016] Hurricane Electric added "Enhanced Commission" opportunities in late December. So far, very few agents have promoted our Enhanced Services -- even though they can double or triple your commission on the entire ...
Hurricane Electric Article
Our 100th POP Location: Brussels, Belgium
[June 27, 2016] After adding a dozen new global Points of Presence (POPs) to our global IP Transit network in the first six months of 2016, we now have 100 global POPs.June 19: Interxion, Brussels/Zaventum, BelgiumJune 13: ...
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Using the HE.NET Channel Portal (Video)
[From 2015]A 13-minute introduction to using the Hurricane Electric Channel Portal. Please email to request a login for the Channel Portal.
Hurricane Electric Webinar (Recorded)
Free Peering vs. Paid IP Transit: A Quick Explanation
[April 13, 2016] A prospective customer asked one of our agents, "Why can't I just connect to the internet using free peering? … I see that Hurricane Electric peers on [a particular Internet Exchange Point] and it is 'Open ...
Hurricane Electric Article
​Have You Asked Your Master Agent about Hurricane Electric?
[March 22, 2016] Over our company's 22-year history, we've achieved remarkable name recognition among network engineers. But at the Channel Partners Conference in Las Vegas last week, we met many salespeople who weren't yet ...
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POP List - Hurricane Electric global points of presence
You can view our complete global POP list several ways:On our network map at On our interactive POP List site: a plain-text list at ...
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Virtual Tour: Fremont 2 Data Center
[January 5, 2016]Virtual Tour of our Fremont 2 Data Center: EntranceOur 208,000 square foot Fremont 2 Colocation Facility is located in the heart of Silicon Valley with easy access from two ...
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Carrier and Network List - HE.NET Data Centers (Fremont, CA)
[January 5, 2016] You can always view the most current Carrier and Network List for Hurricane Electric's Fremont, California facilities at
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Managed Security Service (Hurricane Electric)
[January 3, 2016] FYI: This is an "Enhanced Service" which can qualify an order for enhanced commission rates.
Hurricane Electric Product Literature
Overview: Hurricane Electric Channel Program
[From 2015] For agents, not customers. Benefits & differentiators.
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